Our Mission:

To empower Oakland’s immigrant high school students to achieve their dreams of college and career success.

Our Core Values:

  • Diversity: At Promising Paths, we believe that immigrants make communities more vibrant and more successful.   
  • Equal Opportunity: Our American Dream is for physical safety, economic security, and opportunities in higher education to be available to all immigrant groups on an equitable basis.
  • Inclusion: We aim to expand opportunities for a better future to all residents of the United States, regardless of their documentation status, educational background, or financial situation.
  • Community: With the power of our motivated scholars, volunteers, and community partners, we will make college and career success possible for current and future generations of immigrant students.  
  • Safety: The physical and socio-emotional health of students and our families is our highest priority.  We aim to heal past traumas and help immigrant students and families feel comfortable in a new nation, language, and education system.